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About Us

Dland Auto Service Ltd, formerly Romain D'Hont Service Inc, is a car repair factory opened by the Mr. Romain D'Hont family in 1962. In 1975, Mr. Romain D'Hont started operating in the current factory building. Until now, it has developed into a one-stop auto repair center with complete facilities and complete maintenance and repair for all models of the brands. In the half a century of Romain D'Hont Service serving local residents, D'Hont father and son of two generations have earned the trust of their loved ones with their honest attitude and professional skills.

In 2017, Brian D'Hont, the second generation owner of Romain D'Hont Service was retired. Dland Auto Service Ltd took over the repair shop, according to the market needs, more professional equipment was added and the name was changed to Dland Auto Service. The business started in September 2017.

Dland Auto Service Ltd has a 5,500-square-foot workshop divided into a quick-repair workshop and an overhaul workshop. There are 8 stations including 5 lift maintenance stations and 3 ground stations. There are 2 lifts in the quick repair workshop. Machine position, high-level wheel station, special oil change station, quick repair station, air conditioning station, appearance repair station and inspection machine station, providing quick oil change, replacement of brake components, tire and wheel replacement, and other routines maintenance. There are two ground stations in the workshop for pre-diagnosis, air-conditioning and refrigeration repairs, minor repairs to the vehicle surface, and parts cleaning. The overhaul workshop has 3 lift stations and a ground station, as well as a machining station, which can complete engine replacement, disassembling maintenance, gearbox maintenance, transmission driving system maintenance, suspension system maintenance, cooling system maintenance, brake system maintenance , Electronic control system maintenance, air conditioning system maintenance, safety equipment maintenance, electronic system maintenance and body breakdown maintenance, spare parts machining.

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